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Due to health issues I am not having any litters any time soon.  I am leaving my site up because I believe in this breed and would like to see it get further down the road.  Thank you for visiting.            

Carlin Pinschers are a "new" breed which can resemble a miniature rottweiler.  For the most part, they are a combination of pug and miniature pinscher. At this time they can not be called a "purebred" as that takes many generations to achieve.

A little over 14 years ago was my first time to see a Carlin Pinscher and I fell in love with them.  After visiting with a couple of Carlin Pinscher breeders I decided to do what we could to help this breed along.  My line started with a male chocolate Min Pin and a female fawn Pug.  I love the traditional black and tan "mini rott" look and that is where I am trying to get.  But not only the color, I am working towards the total package.  The colors I have seen in my pups so far have been sable, black, black and tan and chocolate. 

All of my adults and pups trace back to pug and min pin.  If I do try other avenues, I will always let you know what their lines are. Early on my pups matured between 6lbs and 12lbs.  The further I go, the larger they become.  The litters I have now will mature closer to 15lbs to 20lbs.  (3/13)  

Honey Bear is my first F3 Carlin that will be helping the breed along, when she is old enough.  She will be at least 2 years old before I breed her.  Looking forward to her pups in the summer of 2013.

Simon arrived in our home 6/12.  He is a F2 Carlin and am excited to see what he will bring to my line.  3/2013 Simon now lives in Alaska.  He will be helping further the breed along there.

Sharona arrived 7/12.  She is a F3 Carlin.  Her father is a F2 black and tan pup out of my April, her mother is a blue stag.  She has a great build on her.

All of my dogs are UABR registered. 

As you can tell from the pictures, everyone lives in the house with us.  They provide a lot of entertainment.   

Check out my other pages for information on any that may be available.

Thank you for visiting and come back soon. 


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